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We believe in "Happiness". Our goals are simple, produce safe races, have happy staff and create happy athletes.


Do you remember growing up as a kid and your Mom telling you to smile? We do! She would maybe follow that up with telling you it took less muscles and effort to smile than it did to frown and be grumpy. At Race Awesome, we try to surround ourselves with happy people. When we have bad days and people ask how we are doing, we always reply, "AWESOME, SENSATIONAL, FANTASTIC", or something along those lines. That little change can help turn our day around. We believe in happiness, and live by, "Happy people make Happy things Happen, and Miserable people will be Miserable, so don't waste your energy on them." We want to share some tips to happiness. They may seem silly, but we believe in them, and they work!


Dream and don't care about being realistic. Fact is, the dreams can and do become reality. The greatness of your accomplishments will scare many.


There are no PROBLEMS only CHALLENGES and SOLUTIONS. Find opportunities to explore new ways of doing things, expressing your gratitude for them. Understand that underneath all challenges lie many opportunities that will allow you to expand and to grow.


Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.No matter what happens, always try to keep a positive perspective on everything. Be careful, doing this tends to irritate a lot of negative and "realistic" people.

Someone asked us the other day, "What is Race Awesome?"

We stopped and thought about the question for a while. A simple answer is, "We are an Event Company that produces Awesome Races." And while that is true, we stopped and thought about it some more.What is Race Awesome?? More than just awesome events, we want Race Awesome to be somewhat of a state of mind, a movement, a culture. What do we mean? It's simple really; whenever you participate in an Event/Race, be it an Ironman, GLIRC, Competitive Events Group, Challenge, EventPower, NYRuns, HITS, NYRR, Vicobe Productions, Tough Mudder or any other company's race, we want athlete's to embrace Racing Awesome.

We are #OneCommunity

Racing Awesome is a positive energy that we have inside us. Be Happy as you get to the event, participate in it, and complete it. Staying positive throughout the race no matter what is happening will ultimately lead to Racing Awesome. Think of it like this! Race Awesome for the athlete is like a movement, a culture, an attitude.When someone asks you “What are you doing this weekend?" or "What is your Goal at this weekends race?” your reply “I am going to Race Awesome” saying that means so many different things, but most of all it is positive and happy!


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